We Really Need To Talk About That BDE Tension Between Daenerys And Sansa

taylor.sakellis 15 Apr 2019

Game Of Thrones just aired their premiere episode for their eighth and final season, and lemme tell ya — it felt like it just FLEW BY. Maybe because we've been waiting two years for this very moment? Or maybe, it was because of the PALPABLE tension between Daenerys and Sansa the whole.damn.episode.

Warning, there will obviously be spoilers ahead!

That table scene between Danarys, Jon and Sansa was VERY TENSE.

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Fans are still laughing at the ever pressing question: what DO dragons eat????

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However, it really made a lot of viewers laugh.

Who doesn't love a little shade and a little drama here and there? Especially in our last season, honey!

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Others are NOT happy with the beef.

And here I was enjoying these complicated women being at odds.

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Some viewers felt Sansa's character was very... out of character.


I love how Twitter use @beysdany put it, "She always wears courtesy as a shield, she's not like that."

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