Woman Expecting 4 Healthy Babies May Choose To Abort 2 Of Them Based On Gender

Lynne Versluys 15 Apr 2019

This is a difficult position to be in.

A Difficult Situation


Reddit's "Am I The Assh*le?" subreddit can be a pretty intriguing corner of the internet, and sometimes the issues presented can be pretty puzzling. One woman posted about her pregnancy issue:

She and her husband had been trying to conceive through IVF for years, and when she finally became pregnant, it was with quadruplets.

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A Painful Choice


When faced with the prospect of delivering four children, this woman's doctor explained that this would be a painful and devastating process for her and suggested the possibility of aborting two of the fetuses.

Additionally, four children would place an impossible amount of strain on the family's finances.

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Their Family Is Not On Board


She and her husband are considering keeping the twin girls and aborting the two boys. Her husband is on board, but her mother and sister are criticizing her and saying that she wants "designer babies."

This woman is in a considerable amount of emotional pain about the situation and wants to know what the people of Reddit think about the situation.

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What Should They Do?

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The people on Reddit acknowledged that this was a pretty impossible situation, but that it was a personal choice.

"You’re making the best choice for you and your husband, and it’s a really difficult choice. You have to choose two babies and there’s not really a good way to do it. It’s really unfair of your family to call you selfish for what I’m sure is a very, very difficult decision."

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Very Personal

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Others also cautioned that information could be used against them in the future, so be careful what you share and with whom.

"NTA - but can I give you a bit of advice? Tell your parents and sister and whomever else you confided in that the doctor is now thinking that two of the embryos are no longer growing as they should so you and your husband are leaving it in the hands of fate. After every scan let them know that two have stopped growing. Because I guarantee you - one day someone is going to tell your little girls that you killed their brothers. Don't take that risk."

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Be Careful

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Ultimately, most people agreed that this was a decision for the woman and her husband and no one else, but that safety should be considered paramount.

"Choose what is safest for you, and if it happens to be one girl and one boy or two boys, do it. Don’t put yourself in danger over baby gender preference."

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