8+ Funny Couples Who Are Definitely Going To Make It

Couples have a unique relationship not everyone will really understand. They simply get each other. From making fun of one another to making light out of a sticky situation, they're partners for life.

But it always helps if one or both partners also have a great sense of humor. These couples prove that life is much better if you don't take it too seriously.

1. I bet this husband got a kick out of this doormat his wife recently got because he just knows her too well.

Reddit | avalonbowser

I gotta get one of those.

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2. Out of all the wedding photos, I'm pretty sure this wife wasn't expecting to see a picture like this in her wedding album.

Reddit | WolfR7

Caught in the act!

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3. You know your wife really loves you when she makes the two of you a paper mache Jack Skellington heads to celebrate your first Halloween as a married couple.

Reddit | artboxcreationsinc

Such a cute and creepy way to celebrate!

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4. I gotta give props to this devoted husband.


After all the years of being married, he finally gets this concept. LOL! Ain't that the cold, hard truth?

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5. Speaking of couples getting each other, how about this wife?

Reddit | u/YoungOrthodox95

Even though her husband couldn't make it for the birth of their child she made sure he was still there in her own special way.

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6. And speaking of hospitals how cute is this husband?

Reddit | a2susan

He really really wanted to make sure his wife's surgery went as planned and she came back all limbs intact.

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7. You gotta laugh at this wife's sense of humor when she told her husband that the instructions on his medical marijuana dispensary bag were very "vaginal".

Reddit | dadwholikescartoons

LOL! Well, she's not wrong!

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8. I bet that if this guy's wife didn't get his sense of humor they wouldn't still be together because who makes a Halloween dinner like this?

Reddit | catlowman

This is classic.

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9. When this lady left her engagement ring at home and asked her husband-to-be to put it somewhere safe this is how he protected it.

Reddit | boxofkitten

Ohhh, that's so sweet.

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10. When you know your wife is crazy about your two fur babies, you obviously get her a gift like this for her birthday.


Look at those cute pooches.

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11. When his wife turned oh mighty 3-0, this husband took the opportunity to get her the most appropriate cake.

Reddit | CarpenterRadio

He obviously knows what she likes. Hee, hee, hee.

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12. Apparently, whenever these two get into a heated argument, the wife stops mid argument to take a selfie.


That's one way to diffuse the situation. I like it.

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13. This girlfriend really went all out when she showed at her husband's birthday party looking exactly like him.

Reddit | mattbozle

OMG, they totally look like they could be twins. Ha, ha.

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Life wouldn't be the same if you couldn't just laugh at certain situations.


And who's a better person to do that with than your life partner. Am I right?

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