9+ Peak Dad Moments We Had To Share

Who's the funniest person in your family? I bet it's your dad, isn't it? Dads seem to be those rare creatures who not only amuse everybody in the family but can also laugh at their own jokes. That's just how they roll.

Take a look at these special dads who always deliver something extra to make your day.

Well, if this isn't the beginning of this kid's interesting childhood I dunno what is.

Twitter | @eraserheadbabby

I can only imagine the stuff this dad is going to put this kid through.

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Ha, ha, ha, I can just imagine that happening at my house.

Twitter | @molly7anne

Hey, at least he's cleaning. Right? Sometimes a man needs some fuel so he can work hard.

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This is what happens when you misbehave and suffer the wrath of your dad who's the ultimate joker.

Better learn your lesson for next time, honey. Am I right?

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This is what group chats were created for.

Twitter | @villan3w

At least according to this dad. LOL. I wonder what he greets them with when he's not in a good mood?

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Some dads are the silent types and it takes them a while to come out of their shell.

But when they do, they do it EXTRA just like this dad.

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So dads may not always know how to deal with our heart aches, trials, and tribulations but they do know how to cheer a girl up.

This dad did. LOL.

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There's one thing you gotta give to dads, they make friends wherever they go.

It could be a raccoon, a dog or a street pigeon. They don't really discriminate. Hee, hee.

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Literally, this sounds just like my dad.

He's really into technology but he's got his own rules when it comes to using it or protecting it. Don't mess with it.

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Does that sound familiar to you?

Twitter | @kelkatcox

ROTFL. I think they all have the same disease and it's called being a dad. Either that or they just love torturing us.

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Sometimes they might seem very stern about something only to turn into a total softie an hour later.

Sooner or later they give up that mean facade. Truth.

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Ha, ha, ha. Well, you've only got yourself to blame for that one.

I bet the cat and dad are having a totally fabulous time. Nothing to worry about.

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OMG, it's either totally embarrassing to go anywhere with your dad or totally hilarious.

Twitter | @emmeline

You decide. I pick the latter. LOL. They always try to outdo each other.

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Well, you shouldn't really get mad at your dad for making this mistake.


After all, there were no such things as bath bombs when he was growing up. Still funny though.

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A reminder to not leave your lash extensions lying around.

Twitter | @actuallynotevan

Otherwise, this is going to happen. Only a dad would think to do this.

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If you're lucky enough to have a good dad you're definitely winning at life.

Giphy | CBC

And if your dad has a sense of humor that even better. Just go with it.

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