8+ Parents Who Made Headlines In 2019

Emily McWilliams 19 Dec 2019

It's been quite a busy year for news and interestingly, it seems like a lot of the top newsmakers of 2019 were parents simply sharing their experiences online.

Here are just a few of the parents who caught our attention, went viral, and became newsworthy this past year.

1. The mom who took a stance on screen time

Facebook | Molly DeFrank

Molly DeFrank decided she'd had enough of her children's tantrums which she said stemmed from screen time. After banning screens in her home, Molly shared this picture of her kids reading together in bed.

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2. The blended family

Facebook | Madison Holley

Madison Holley shared this photo showing her ex-husband, her son, her current partner, and her new baby all leaving the maternity ward together. Her photo showed the internet what modern co-parenting looks like.

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3. The dad who showed us what a supportive husband looks like

Facebook | Muhammed Nitoto

In an honest post, Muhammed Nitoto explained to all the dads out there how to support your breastfeeding partner. The internet applauded his insight into how dads can help their partners.

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4. The teachers that started a baby boom at their school

Facebook | USD 265-Goddard Public Schools

Seven teachers at Oak Street Elementary in Kansas were proof of a baby boom going on at their school. The expecting moms made headlines when they posed for this photo showing off their baby bumps.

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They went viral again months later when they recreated the photo with their babies.

Facebook | USD 265-Goddard Public Schools

Awww! These moms and their babies have their own playgroup locked down for years to come.

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5. The mom battling cancer

Emilie Orton was stunned when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She decided to document her experiences on Instagram. This viral video which showed her four-year-old daughter helping her shave her head went viral.

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6. The mom who made a cardboard cutout of herself

Twitter | @sato_nezi

Fuki Sato, a mom from Japan, got a brilliant idea when her toddler wouldn't let her leave the room without crying. She made life-size cardboard cutouts of herself to trick her tot. Pretty clever!

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7. The mom who graduated university

Twitter | @RachaelCampey

Rachael Campey became a mom when she was just 14-years-old. She tweeted a photo of herself with her now seven-year-old daughter by her side as she graduated university. Way to go!

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8. The mom who donated breastmilk

Facebook | Sierra Strangfeld

After losing her son shortly after he was born, Sierra Strangfeld decided to help other moms and babies in need. She donated 500 ounces of breastmilk and started a non-profit in honor of her son.

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9. The dad who turned his daughter into Cinderella

Facebook | Josh Jaconelli

Josh Jaconelli used his creativity to make a one-of-a-kind costume for his daughter, Ava. Ava uses a wheelchair due to a condition called Aicardi syndrome. Josh's custom carriage costume captured the internet's heart.

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10. The dad who shared his DQ tradition with the internet

Twitter | @BrooksBarber

A simple tradition of hitting up DQ every week with his sons made one dad famous online. The dad, Bud, shared photos showing how this tradition changed as his sons grew up and went to college. His post reminded other parents to cherish the time you have with your kids.

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11. The mom who changed the way we see birth

This unnamed mother went viral after her photo showed a common birth phenomenon that's rarely photographed. That triangular lump at the base of her spine is a group of bones moving to make room for the baby's head. The photo went viral for showing how amazing the birth process really is.

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