Jennifer Garner Claps Back At 'Fan' Who Comments On Her Instagram: 'A Movie Star Who Makes No Movies'

Jake Bean 20 Dec 2019

Jennifer Garner doesn't need this, she's a mother of three!

She's too busy to be fighting with randos on social media... And yet, she has the civility and grace to clap back at anyone who comments mean things on her Instagram photos.

Don't worry, she did it in a nice way.

It must be hard being a mother.


Sure we have to do it in order to ensure that our species continues, and frankly, it's hardwired into our biology to reproduce, but that doesn't make it look any easier.

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I mean, have you met any children?


Sure, they might be nice to you at the moment because they just got a lecture in the car from their parents.

But the reality is: they're a handful, and sometimes, they can be terrible!

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And imagine trying to balance a career and being a mother?


Working full time is already hard enough, but having children is another full-time job.

Especially when you're ensuring that your children don't grow up to be terrible people.

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Now imagine you also had to balance being famous.

Do you think you're under scrutiny when your kid throws a tantrum in the grocery store? Imagine that same scenario if you were famous!

That stuff would be all over the tabloids in seconds!

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Such is the life of Jennifer Garner.

She not only has to do the actress thing, she not only has to do the mom thing, but she also has to be under the scrutiny of the entire world.

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And we all know that being a mother in Hollywood is really hard, just ask the Kardashians.

So it goes without saying that she deserves applause for being a wonderful actress and mother while being in the public eye.

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So, let us, ladies and gentlemen, have a quick chat about Jennifer Garner.


This woman is a total and complete national treasure.

She's been in so many great movies, classics like The Odd Life Of Timothy Green, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and of course, 13 Going on 30.

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But recently she has been taking some time off to raise her three children: two daughters, and one son.

So it's understandable that she hasn't really done any big blockbusters in a couple of years.

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However, she still is active on social media.

She posted the below picture a couple of days ago, garnering (thank you, thank you) a variety of responses from her fans.

But there was one that really stood out to us...

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And it wasn't for a good reason.

Instagram | @jennifer.garner

One person questioned her lack of films recently, and she clapped back with both an appropriate and bone-shattering response.

Good for you for keeping it classy, Jennifer. And also good for you for not taking that lying down.

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What a great mom!

Just so we don't end things on a sour note, let's show a video of her after she took her son to Disney On Ice.

Her enthusiasm for this is awesome.

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