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L.L. Bean Includes A Clever 'Hand-Me-Down Trail' Tag On Their Kids' Clothes

Emily McWilliams 10 Jan 2020

It's not unusual for young children to need three (or more) new wardrobes a year. That shirt you bought your toddler two weeks ago? Thanks to a growth spurt, it no longer fits. Great.

Hand-me-downs, or donations of gently used clothing, are a life-saver for many parents. Not only are they budget-friendly, but they reduce the amount of waste caused by constantly buying new clothes.

Check out how L.L. Bean is creatively encouraging the practice of hand-me-downs with their clothing tags.

For a lot of parents, hand-me-downs are a fact of life.

Unsplash | Markus Spiske

For parents with multiple children, reusing clothes and toys is a great way to save money, especially since kids outgrow their clothes so quickly.

Many families also donate gently used kids' clothes to friends and family members, or set up swap groups on Facebook.

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Recently, someone took to Reddit to share how L.L. Bean encourages this cycle of reusing.

Reddit | budgetpc0217

Reddit user budgetpc0217 noticed that the tag in their child's L.L. Bean jacket had a "Hand-Me-Down Trail" on the tag. The label includes spaces for three names, so as the coat is passed on, each new owner can write their name inside.

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This simple but genius idea was met with a lot of praise online.


Reddit users loved how the company was encouraging parents to reuse their kids' coats if possible, instead of always buying new clothes.

"I love this. it not only suggests they’re confident in the quality of the jacket but also encourages sustainably reusing clothes!" one user said on the post.

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Others said it encouraged the practice of thrifting and teaches kids that things can still be valuable, even though they've been used.

Unsplash | Ben Wicks

"This is awesome. People act like 'hand me downs' are a sign of poverty or shameful. I, however, find them extremely useful, and it also helps teach my kids to be humble, and not everything needs to be new, and bright and shiny. Much love to L.L. Bean!" another user wrote.

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As someone who loves to thrift and gives away a lot of hand-me-downs, I think this is a brilliant idea.


It would be awesome to see some more children's clothing companies encouraging this practice, don't you think?

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