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Mom Stages Adorable 'Burrito Baby' Photoshoot Complete With Tortilla Swaddle

Emily McWilliams 14 Jan 2020

If you're like me, then you understand the feeling of cradling a newly wrapped burrito in your arms. It's a magical moment where you can feel its warmth and the weight of all those toppings you added (including the extra guac).

One mom realized this love of burritos could inspire an equally adorable photoshoot with her month-old-baby. It just goes to show that babies and burritos have more in common than we could have ever imagined.

It's pretty hard to avoid comparing babies to burritos.

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When babies are all swaddled up, they literally look like an adorable version of your lunch at Chipolte.

The comparison is so irresistible that designers have even made these tortilla swaddle blankets (complete with a matching hat, of course).

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Now one mom is going viral for her adorable "burrito baby" photoshoot.

Twitter | @briannaemi

A mom named Brianna shared the image of her month-old son on Twitter with the caption, "I made a burrito today". Besides the adorable baby burrito, the photo was completed with limes, cilantro, and jarritos, a popular Mexican soft drink.

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In recent years, parents like Brianna have posted their cute and creative milestone photos to show how their baby is growing during their first year.

A new photo of the baby is shared with family and friends each month. I really hope Brianna has a burrito theme for each month!

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Brianna's photos took off on Twitter, and as it turns out, a lot of other parents have staged similar photos with their own burritos — I mean babies.

I'm just wondering when they're going to make adult sizes of these burrito swaddles. They look so cozy!

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This mom took it a step further by using a real tortilla.

It's actually kind of genius. Once the photoshoot is done, she can go ahead and eat lunch.

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I sincerely hope that "burrito baby" photos become as essential as any other first-year milestone.

Put these adorable pictures up on the mantle next to the school photos. I guarantee you won't regret it.

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