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This Photographer Takes Precious Engagement-Style Photos Of Elderly Couples

Engagement photoshoots have become extremely common for newly engaged couples. They don't just take one or two photos, either — they want basically a whole magazine spread's worth of photos. These are often used for save the date cards, or just as nice memories to hang around the house and happily pass on to friends and family.

We usually see younger couples getting these kind of photos done, but older couples deserve to have their love captured, too! One photographer is doing just that. Get a box of tissues out, I'm warning you.

Sujata Srtia is a photographer from the UK who takes stunning photos of families.

And while all of her photos are stunning, there is a particular photo series she does that is guaranteed to make a few tears stream down your face.

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She takes the sweetest engagement-style photos of elderly couples.

She noticed that while she would shoot children and their parents, the grandparents would just stand to the side, out of the way. She wanted to make sure they were part of the experience.

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Every country she visits, she makes it a point to photograph elderly couples.

These photoshoots are just as fulfilling for her as they are for the couples, if not more.

She wrote in a Bored Panda piece, "The stories I hear of their lives together... and the pure and honest love that I witness in the course of these shoots is just beyond amazing."

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When you've been with someone for a pretty long time, sometimes the spark can start to flicker.

But Sujata totally sets that spark into a blaze full of love.

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