16+ Pics That Shows How Crazy The World Can Be If You Compare It To Something

Paddy Clarke 20 Aug 2019

The world is a strange place that is constantly full of amazing surprises - and I'm not just referring to the fact that 90's pop-band Sugar Ray are still on tour and selling out gigs. Our mind is constantly taking in and processing the world around it, however, only when compared against the norm is the true craziness of the world we live in exposed.
Here are 16+ images that showcase the craziness that exists out there when contrasted against the 'normal'.

1. 'Gigantic Driftwood That Washed Ashore In Washington'

Reddit | u/TedTheHappyGardener

The most that I ever find washed up on the beach is the odd jellyfish, Barbie Doll head’s, and broken pens which, aside from being able to make some truly terrifying abstract art, is a fairly useless haul. I’d much rather find something as awe-inspiring as this!

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2. 'World's Smallest Computer Compared To A Grain Of Rice'

Reddit | u/willburn61

Every now and then something makes you think, ‘wow, we really are living in the future,’ and this is one of those things. However, it does make me wonder why I’m constantly having to get my very basic computer fixed when we have the ability to make stuff like this.

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3. 'Married Couple In China Discover They Appeared In Same Photograph As Teenagers'

Reddit | u/dickfromaccounting

The people in the background of photos are so often just that, background detail, so it’s amazing to see one where the background detail has over time come to be the real foreground of the photo.

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4. 'The Tan Of My Hand Compared To My Foot'

Reddit | u/MadoneXI

Now i know it looks like a dead foot but I can promise you it’s not. This is apparently the result of wearing combat boots in the Malian desert while not wearing any gloves!

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5. Gulabi Goat As A Baby And Then As An Adult

I always thought that my spirit animal was the mighty cheetah, or a gazelle - and yet, somewhat dishearteningly, this goat may now be the single most accurate representation of how it feels like the aging process has impacted me that I've ever seen.

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6. 'Blue Whale Compared To A 75ft Boat'

Reddit | u/BunyipPouch

At around 100 feet long (that’s one-and-three-fifth’s of a bowling lane in case you were hankering for that info) Blue Whales are immense animals, with their tongues sometimes weighing as much as an elephant.

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7. 'This Is What A 440 Pound Preserved Blue Whale Heart Looks Like'

Reddit | u/WolfGirl520

Thought I'd stick with the Blue Whale theme 'cause why not? Considering that a human heart is roughly fist-sized and this is the size of stepladder, that really puts the scale of these fantastic beast’s organs into perspective.

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8. 'This 45 Pound Cat'

Reddit | u/verucasallt

It may be a step down from the heart of a blue whale (a phrase I never thought I’d write), but that is one immense cat! I would like six of them and I would like them now.

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9. 'Times Square With Ad Block Enabled'

Reddit | u/Arya_13

This is my favourite one on the list, it’s fantastically surreal look at how we perceive the world, and comes across very Black Mirror-eqsue.

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10. 'Ski Trail Sign In Summer Vs In Winter'

Reddit | u/ccantrell02

I bet the guy who suggested that they make the sign that tall had a very smug look on his face when the first winter rolled around.

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11. 'This UNIT Of A Pringles Can I Came Across In Italy'

Reddit | u/LixHDGaming

Now that is a Pringles can that I can get on board with! Also, I don't want to toot my own Pringles can but I think 'Contiene 3 Latas' means it has three packets worth... I speak Italian, it's not a big deal.

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12. 'This Absolute Unit Of A Caterpillar'

Reddit | u/Cowboy_Chords

2 things are apparent with this picture from Reddit: 1 - Reddit is too obsessed with the word 'Unit' 2 - This caterpillar going to turn in to one hell of butterfly!

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13. 'This Shoe Was Left In The Window For 2 Months & It Shrunk'

Reddit | u/beaverkc

I've tried to return some things to the store for daft reasons before, but, 'one of the flip-flops I bought shrank to half its size when I left it in a window,' would have to take the biscuit.

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14. Frosty The Snow-giant

Reddit | u/Canadian_MooseEh

I like to imagine that this isn't the person who built it's driveway. Imagine coming out one morning and finding that grinning menace unexpectedly on your drive dwarfing your Ford Corolla.

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15. 'Before (1916) And Current (2019) Photo Of Our Street'

Reddit | u/wobbly_pop_tendy

I love comparisons like this, it’s amazing that people can share a snapshot of life from over 100 years apart.

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16. 'Apprently Owls Have A Pair Of Slender Legs Under Their Fluff'

Reddit | u/GallowBoob

Well, I will never look at owls the same again. The metaphorical curtain has been forever pulled back on these fine creatures with their enviably slender, yet gangly, legs.

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17. Yuki, The 'Giant' Rescue Wolf

Reddit | u/britweins

As happy as this giant wolf looks, I can't say I'd be running in to give it a hug!

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18. 'My Parent's 40th Wedding Anniversary, Wearing The Same Dress, Suit And Flowers As They Did 40 Years Ago'

Reddit | u/thiswasnottaken

I think this is a wonderful idea! However, if I ever wanted to try this there'd be no way that I'd manage to keep those flowers without losing them, let alone be able to get into the same clothes from 40 years ago.

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19. The Great Pyramid Of Giza With Human For Scale

Reddit | u/StugotzLobos

We always think of pyramids as being large, but seeing the Great Pyramid Of Giza here with one trusty human being for scale really puts this immense structure into perspective!

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20. A Fully-Inflated Horse Lung

Reddit | u/macacodelizia

I've always been a little wary of horses due to their size, and seeing this image of an inflated horse lung has done nothing to help that feeling.

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21. 'Giant Squid Washed Up On New Zealand Beach'

Reddit | u/Nic0487

I love seeing the insane, alien-looking creatures that live deep in the ocean, they're absolutely fascinating ... on a screen or from a large distance that is, I wouldn't fancy one nibbling my toes.

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22. 107m (351ft) Wind Turbine Blade For An Offshore Turbine

Reddit | u/nsfwdreamer

Offshore wind turbines, due to the nature of them being offshore, are often too far away for most people to get a true sense of their scale. However, thanks to this photo and the delightfully placed gentleman squatting down to stare down this immense construction, it's possible to get a real sense of how huge they really are.

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23. The Size Of A Tornado Compared To The Size Of Wind Turbines'

Reddit | u/ReaganAbe

Considering the scale of the wind turbines just seen, it's terrifying to see this image of a tornado making those wind turbines look like matchsticks. You can almost hear the turbines muttering, 'Christ I wish I'd picked a different line of work.'

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24. This 500kg Dinosaur Femur Uncovered In France

Reddit | u/FortuitousAdroit

*Cue every dog in a five mile radius salivating.

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25. Coconut Crabs!

Reddit | u/Ashllll

Aside from being the thing that I will now shout whenever something goes wrong - 'Oh Coconut Crabs! - these crabs can weigh up to 4.1kg and grow to the size of a dog.

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26. A Lion's Mane Jellyfish

Reddit | u/glassocket

After writing this list, it will be a miracle if I ever go in the ocean again quite frankly. The Lion's Mane jellyfish can grow up to a diameter of 2.3 metres with tentacles 37 metres long. Yup, the ocean for you ladies and gentlemen.

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27. The Zucchini-Baby Experiment

Reddit | u/Whoshabooboo

I do not know what this person is putting in the soil to make their zucchini's grow that large, but I want some of it... unless the baby is actually massive and the zucchini is average size?! I think my brain is starting to melt.

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28. Doggo Vision

Reddit | u/chanmaxi

This is one I found particularly interesting. The idea that what we see is not what is universally perceived by all being is a deceptively simple notion, yet is one that is hard to actually process. This comparison above shows the spectrum that dogs can see compared to what we see... or as I prefer to call it, doggo vision, because I'm all about science'n'stuff.

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29. Half-Albino Peacock

Reddit | u/Zusical

This one is a comparison in itself (inception music more than likely starts playing), and it is one of the most beautiful animals that I think I've ever seen a photograph of before.

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30. Gorilla Hand And Human Hand, Size Comparison

Reddit | u/GallowBoob

I will never definitely never feel self-conscious about the size of my hands again that's for sure.

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31. 'Photos I Take Of My Boyfriend Vs Photos He Takes Of Me'

Reddit | u/s-poon

Photo’s are arguably the most personal way to connect with the past, whether it be to feel close to a lost loved one, or as a brief reminder of your once vibrant youth now left buffeted by the winds of time and too many late night takeaways - alternatively they can be used to make loved ones look like the sloth from Ice-Age.

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32. Gorilla Skeleton & Human Skeleton

Reddit | u/infin8fire

The longer I look at this picture the more I find the subtle differences and similarities more fascinating!

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33. House Over Four Seasons

Reddit | u/chgogagogmanchogagog

How the colours change across all of the wildlife throughout these four pictures is amazing. Just looking at the bottom right one makes me shudder at the thought of sweeping leaves though!

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34. Saltwater Crocodile Compared To A Human

Reddit | u/eabs1

You could have put anything at all in that tank such as a briefcase filled with gold, or even a device which meant I never had to listen to Sugar Ray ever again, but I wouldn't get in there - and I bet you weren't expecting me to circle back to Sugar Ray were you?

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35. 'The Only Part Of A Train Wheel That Actually Touches The Rail Is Around The Size Of A 10 Cent/20Pence Coin'

Reddit | u/Hoyerman68

Yep, I can safely say that I will not be able to think about anything else except that fact when I'm next on a train hurtling across the ground.

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36. This Giant Squid's Eye

Reddit | u/JackVella05

As gross as this may be, the actual colour of the eye is beautiful (yeah I said a removed squid's eye is beautiful, leave me alone).

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37. The Comparison Of Right Handed And Left Handed People At My High School'

Reddit | u/Jeffrey174

The proportion of right-handed and left-handed people in the world is something frequently contested. However, it's interesting here to see a physical representation of the proportion in one specific location over time, it must have take years for this to come about.

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38. 'A Full Size Snapping Turtle Compared To What Most People Think Is A Full Size Snapping Turtle'

Reddit | u/Common_Sense_People

I can't imagine the damage that this turtle could do if it were to get a hold, just look at this size of his mouth! I'm definitely not going anywhere near water again for a while after this.

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39. This Mammoth Mining Truck With A School Bus For Comparison...

Reddit | u/FederalAce

This is apparently a Caterpillar 797, which is the second biggest mining haul truck in the world. I'd love to see my neighbour's face if I had to back this thing off my path every morning.

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40. 'Rosetta Comet Compared To The City Of Los Angeles... Absolutely Horrifying'

Reddit | u/GrimReaper5314

I guess it's not just the water that contains things ready to kill us, but space as well!

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41. 'A Popular Instagram Model. A Normal Textured Face Vs CGI Poreless.'

Reddit | u/Losername19

We now live in a world where people's projected appearance can pretty much be entirely altered. The question of what we're perceiving is real and what is not real has never been more important a question, as if we continue to alter and change ourselves then we risk the idea of what is 'real' becoming less and less important.

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42. This 25 Year Old Man Who Is 6’8 and 342lbs

Reddit | u/polarbeer69

This guy is unfeasibly huge, and is only made more humungous by the fact that he makes the already quite large man stood next to him look like a twiglet.

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43. This Ridiculously Large Yacht

Reddit | u/Palana

Compared to not only the other boats in the bay, but the surrounding buildings themselves, it's hard to imagine what you would need a yacht this big for. I mean, seriously, I'd just find myself getting lost all the time and having to take my helicopter from one end to the other... doesn't sound that bad when I think about it like that actually.

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44. Giant Japanese Salamander’s Hand Over An Adult's Hand

Reddit | u/GallowBoob

Thank God there is one about an animal that lives in water which is not terrifying. This one is quite the opposite really, I mean, look at its chunky fingers, pretty adorable... you've redeemed yourself water, for now...

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45. New York Then And Now

Reddit | u/Panukka

The difference that just a few decades can make to a city is incredible, especially to one such as New York!

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