17+ People Who Had A Crazy Idea And Went With It

Paddy Clarke 30 Sep 2019

Some people are born innovators, and others aren't — but that's sure as hell not going to stop the people on this list! From people spelling names with roman numerals, to people making statues of defecating penises, this list is full of some of the craziest ideas that everyone else would file under, "Junk/Drunk."

So, without further ado, here are 17+ people who had a completely crazy idea, and went with it!

1. Pray IV KVIIIlyn

Reddit | kabiman

Do you want II to make sure that your child hVIIIs you and cries in every picture ever taken, then consider spelling their name with Roman numerals!

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2. "Imagine thinking 'I have an idea' and the idea was this."

Reddit | Mrestemayer18

Just out and about taking the crab for a walk like you do. Why put it on a leash though, surely it could just cut through it?

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3. That's Sofa-nny

Reddit | Alendite

I'm fairly certain that the only reason the sofa king got into the sofa business was to make that joke.

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4. Seven Wheel Drive

Reddit | ckmayeux2010

The only place that that thing should be driving to is the garage!

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5. "I invented something."

Reddit | NotRoboticGregsWife

Yeah, I'm gonna go right ahead and tell you to uninvent that thing right there as it's making me feel ill knowing it exists.

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6. "Shaved cat with unshaven face."

Reddit | anonymousguy271103_1

Oh, wow! That cat looks every bit as angry as you imagine it should be. It looks like how I feel when someone tells me that I don't suit a beard.

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7. Rubber Jacket

Reddit | DamianChido

I just hope to God he at least didn't staple them all together.

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8. "My school has a giant pooping penis on display."

Reddit | Dalo600

Gone are the days when you would do a simple drawing of a landscape and it'd go on the school artboard! Now you need to make a giant dingaling defecating into something resembling decadence to get anywhere near having your work put on display.

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9. Taxitoaster

Reddit | joanaizoa

I can't help but think that it would be less creepy if it had the real eyes instead of those haunting googly eyes?

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10. "Thats an odd turn signal"

Reddit | Import

They called that pig crazy for wanting to be a left rear indicator when it was growing up, but who's laughing now?

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11. Crass Gas

Reddit | jarjarbinx

When you want to don't want to grow up, but you have to take over the family gas station whether you like it or not!

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12. "It must be a guest room"

Reddit | difficultlad

Somewhere there's an estate agent frantically updating the information on this house from 2 bedrooms to 3 and rubbing their hands together.

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13. "I Respect This Level of Self Investment"

Reddit | MiaMae

I love it — I mean, I have no idea what they're doing on the tour itself but I don't care, I want a ticket for whatever it is!

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14. "Saw something in the corner of my eye while hurrying off to class."

Reddit | MoldyMondays

I'm frantically thinking of a drag personality to go with that name now.

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15. "So many questions."

Reddit | haloxkittie

Maybe he just wanted to know what it felt like to be a sausage? Or a sandwich being taken into work?

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16. Let's Get Tattoos! What Should We Get?

Reddit | diligences_cq

Do you reckon this was based off the old Lion King or the remake, I can't tell?

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17. "What nunsense is this!?"

Reddit | JP_Gerber

This product has been invented nun too soon! I've been looking for such a contraption for years and it's finally here!

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18. When Did You Last Have It?

Reddit | Eggheadman

That guy to his right seems severely unimpressed with the idea of time travel.

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19. "He has a lot of faith in those beams"

Reddit | Moby-King

This is not helping with my anxiety.

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20. ?

Reddit | PowerfulBonus

Fair play, he had an idea and he ran with it. What that idea was, however, we will never know.

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