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14+ People Who Do Things A LITTLE Differently

Paddy Clarke 2 Oct 2019

Have you ever done something and a person has looked at you as if you're a little odd? Perhaps you only eat green fruit on Wednesdays, or you cover yourself in grease whenever someone says the word "Albatross."

Whatever it is that you do differently to everyone else, here are 14+ people who do things a little bit different to try and make you feel more comfortable about your own "eccentricities."

1. I Always Hated The Crusts

Reddit | ZakTheBlueWhale

It's how to make your hair go curly! Either that or how to make you defecate Yankee candles.

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2. "Electric scooter front and rear bumper"

Reddit | Shasdo

Why endanger just one of your kids when you can endanger them both at the same time and have protection in the event of a collision? This invention brought to you by terrible parenting.

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3. "This just makes me uncomfortable"

Reddit | x3Ez

This is so far from okay it is painful. I mean, creepy finger-flexibility aside, who would paint a classroom that color, it's hideous!

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4. "Some dark intentions there."

Reddit | Cyberfox14

Either this kid is wise beyond their years, knows something that no one else does about what is about to happen to the kid in the picture, or is about to do something to the kid in the picture.

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5. "I thought pizza with a knife and a fork was bad"

Reddit | Upstate_NY81

As a man who can barely eat noodles with chopsticks, I am in awe of this guy.

However, while we're on the subject of chopsticks, did you know you can buy Saint Lauren chopsticks for $430? Just let that sink in, this is the world we live in.

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6. I'm Sick Of These Damn Fingernails On This Damn Plane!

Reddit | diasehstahwstaht

You know that at some point, this person is going to complain about something if not everything on the flight! I'd probably forgo my holiday if those were next to me for a full flight, she'll end up taking your eye out!

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7. "Yeah this looks real convincing"

Reddit | BigDaddyT305

Based on how drunk I normally am by the time I call an Uber on a night out, I'd probably just get in it and hope for the best.

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8. The Frankfurter Rebel

Reddit | Br1ll

Some people don't choose the thug life, it chooses them.

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9. Dude, Buy Some New Pants!

Reddit | MSkyDragons

At some point, you need to realize that the pants you're wearing may just be too big for even a belt to help! Or maybe it's just the latest trend and I'm exposing myself as an uncouth slob.

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10. "Wining the lottery mustn't interfere with your priorities"

Reddit | slep4ever

The look on his face is not one of elation, more internal regret; and that is because Lamborghinis are horrible cars — not that I'm bitter in my Vauxhall Corsa or anything.

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11. Knight To Toilet Bowl


Chess is the thinking man's game, and clearly this is where those men do their best thinking.

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12. "NASA break room problems are different than most."

Reddit | Reesh26

Damnit David, you're robot ate my raspberry pi again!

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13. Because Fish Deserve Walks Too!

Reddit | unoiamaQT

What keeps amazing me about this is the fact that absolutely no one else in the picture seems to remotely care about what is happening there. Is this a daily occurrence?

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14. Have Faith In The Power Of The Charging Cable

Reddit | BladedAlpha

In fairness, I've seen a friend of mine do this in a club once. What he didn't realize, however, was that he'd unplugged the DJ's fog machine, which caused a lot of confusion. Sadly, without the cover of fog, we couldn't sneak away and got kicked out.

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15. Safe Sex Nails

Reddit | Catarina-Mendes

These nails really are pioneering the way in advocating for safe-sex! I mean, no one is going to have sex with you while you've got those on your hands!

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16. What? It's Chilly In Here!

Reddit | Aepheixa

How is that not giving you an insane wedgie? This guy has got a serious pain threshold.

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17. Knock Knock

Reddit | safwan070

So, does the driver need a separate key for the lock on the backdoor? I wouldn't want to smash that glass in case of emergency you see, it's too pretty!

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18. Jesus, Take The Wonky Wheel!

Reddit | FrazettaXI

It's good to see that this devout Christian is taking our lord and savior out to the shop to see what kind of things he might want for his dinner in the week.

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19. If You Say So

Reddit | R1G3

This is the sort of bumper sticker I imagine an "edgy" 30-something would buy. The kind of person who's friends are all getting married and having kids, but this is his way of showing everyone that he's still cool, fun, and doesn't give a damn!

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20. "Nobody was born cool, except"

Reddit | aleysabor

Who needs airbags when you've got a fine scotch, a mustache, and repressed sexual identities?

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