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Woman Shamed By Potential Employer For Posting Bikini Picture On Her Instagram

It's supremely disappointing that it still has to be said, but let's make this very clear: A woman's clothing does not define her.

We exist in a society where hem lengths and necklines can somehow serve as indicators of how "professional" a woman appears. If you want to be taken seriously as a female in this world, you better be prepared to layer up because apparently that's what it takes.

It's one thing to be judged for your dress on the street; it's another to be judged when you're applying for a job. And that's exactly what happened to Emily Clow when she applied to be an intern at Kickass Masterminds.

The 24-year-old said she was first drawn to the Austin, Texas-based marketing company because "it was founded by women."

In an interview with Daily Dot, Clow admitted she was under the impression this would mean the organization would "support women in business."

However, she soon learned that this was not the case after her application was declined and the company decided to use her as an example for any prospective applicants.

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Kickass Masterminds made an Instagram story featuring one of Clow's own Instagram pictures featuring her in a revealing red bathing suit.

The since-deleted story was shared online via the Twitter account SheRatesDogs and includes two scathing text boxes, explaining why the company decided to turn Clow away.

And apparently it had everything to do with her bikini picture.

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As per the story, the company didn't feel Clow was "professional" enough for them because of how she dressed to go swimming in a pool one time.

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"Do not share our social media with a potential employer if this is the kind of content on it," the company wrote. "I am looking for a professional marketer - not a bikini model."

Just for good measure, they added that women are free to do and wear whatever they want in private. However, "this is not doing you any favors in finding a professional job."

It should be noted here that the applicant in question didn't turn up to the job interview wearing a red bathing suit with the middle section cut out. That was just a picture. Okay, carry on.

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Clow herself also shared a screenshot of the shocking story, which was clearly meant to try and shame her.

"I was objectified earlier today by a company because of a picture of me in a bikini," she wrote in the viral tweet, adding, "I am still baffled that the company handled it in such a manner."

She told Daily Dot, "No one would have expected a potential employer to use their application as an example without their permission, let alone use a bikini picture from social media to deem someone as unprofessional."

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In the wake of the controversy, Kickass Masterminds has virtually removed access to all its social media accounts and website.

No official statement has been released by the company yet to address the incident.

Clow said this could have all been avoided, since she originally reached out to Kickass Masterminds after seeing the post to voice her concerns. However, she was brushed off by a company employee who responded by simply saying, "Best of luck."

"It seemed they didn't believe there would be repercussions for their action," Clow said.

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Since the story went viral on Twitter, some people have pointed out the irony of Kickass Masterminds' shaming post.

In one picture posted to the company's now-private Instagram account, a group of women pose for a camera, and while the majority of them are covered up, one of them does appear in a bikini.

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Someone else shared a photo from the company's founder's Instagram page to further emphasize the irony of the shaming post.

In the picture from 2017, founder Sara Christensen is flashing a peek at her lace bra, a move which people online are now branding hypocritical when compared to her company's attitude towards Clow.

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People online have flocked to the comments to express their outrage at the blatant sex discrimination at work here.


"This is absolutely disgusting, who cares if she has a pic of herself in a bikini," one Twitter user wrote. "This has nothing to do with how she works and if she's a good employee or not."

Another added, "Do they also post pics of applicants' instas of guys drunkenly passed out with d*** draw on their faces? Or shotgunning beers? Or is the professionalism only important for a certain type of applicant?"

Game, set, match.

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Although her application to Kickass Masterminds fell through, Clow definitely isn't without other offers.

According to one tweet, NYDoorman, popular social media user and VP of Digital Strategy at Talent Resources, has offered to help the 24-year-old out in her job search.

"I have plenty of friends that won't judge you on your bathing suit choice when applying for a position," he said. "Would be happy to help you."

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