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12+ People Who Have High Key Had Enough

Paddy Clarke 11 Oct 2019

At some point we all experience that urge to just stop what we're doing, throw our hands up, and shout, "I'm out!" Some more than others I might add, I've had this exact feeling about seven times today already!

For some people, however, this urge is too strong, and their inner nihilist comes trundling uncontrollably to the forefront. With that in mind, here are 12+ people who have high key had enough!

(Prepare yourself for severe apathy and sass!)

1. Bathroom Philosophy 101

Reddit | bob1689321

— Tyler Turden 2019 (Yeah, that is perhaps the most immature joke ever, but it made me laugh uncontrollably for about fourteen seconds, so have it!)

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2. "As a Target employee, it's easy to get fed up."

Reddit | CheapDrummer

Every service employee dreams of being able to so something like this. However, donning a dead-eyed smile and tucking your soul away into a deep corner of your being is often the easier approach.

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3. "My kid's grounded so she had to help power wash the deck. I came back to this. Grounding extended."

Reddit | Oxsilaree

Well, we always tell kids to tell the truth so it's hard to get mad at her for this one in my opinion.

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4. "I guess a lot of people missed this book as a child"

Reddit | LittleRudeDude

This should be mandatory school reading for all toddlers, those freeloading little disease-factories with their rambling stories that never go anywhere!

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5. Family Planning

Reddit | elmoiv

Or, if you're just terrible at math. This is a very strange thing to put on your car. Who sits there and thinks, "Yeah, I'm gonna turn my car into a condom advert"?

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6. "It's my last week at work. My coworkers got me a goodbye cake."

Reddit | philsach

I love some ironic sparklers — great name for a Smiths-esque band with more synth.

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7. Don't Be Such A Big Ol' Dork

Reddit | TaikanMiyata

Dad? Slow violin concerto starts playing

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8. Painting Yourself Into A Corner

Reddit | kirvesperse

Looks like he's gonna have to pull some unbelievable MacGyver nonsense to get out of this one!

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9. Fight Club

Reddit | SYLOH

The alternate director's cut of Fight Club really doesn't have the same edge as the original.

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10. Inception Music

Reddit | BillsBayou

That guy looks really fed up of cleaning the graffiti of a guy cleaning graffiti of a guy cleaning graffiti of a guy cleaning graffiti!

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11. "Private School Bathroom Check"

Reddit | Tacterial

This person was clearly so angry that they completely forgot how to even form sentences by the latter half of the final paragraph.

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12. "Firefighters are fed up with you"

Reddit | el_matto

If I want to cram a whole turkey into the microwave and set it to cook for five hours then I can, that's my right as both a citizen and a terrible chef!

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13. Did You Wash Your Hands?

Reddit | -_Silvernaut_-

It could be considered very rude in an alien culture to wash your hands when you've been to the bathroom! I mean, unlikely, but you never know, who made you king of the aliens?!

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14. "Just my buddy studying for his biochemistry exam"

Reddit | kieferthouin

Everything about this photo screams "defeated". That t-shirt is a good way to get people to leave you alone and let you study in peace though.

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15. "Safe to say he's had enough of your st, lady."


I mean, looking on the bright-side, nothing seems to have been burnt, which is a positive right?

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16. "Tried the ol' knock it down with another snack."

Reddit | Kowalski713

We have the technology to send rovers to Mars, and yet vending machines remain one of the most frustrating and poorly designed things imaginable!

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17. This man's trip to Chipotle was about as ill-fated as it gets.

Reddit | RobinTheHood93

And the photographer probably had plenty of time to take this because when everything goes so wrong so fast, we sometimes need a minute to process all of it.

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18. This sounds like exactly the kind of suggestion an over-stressed retail employee would make at the busiest time of year.

Reddit | CoffeeSlutt

If anything, let's just appreciate their restraint in not telling customers to throw everything into a big fire while cackling maniacally.

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19. Apparently, a dentist at this office has been stealing supplies for their "other" office, and it seems that one assistant has taken notice.

Reddit | UltraViolet3

If these signs don't make it abundantly clear that this stuff isn't theirs to use however they want, I'm not sure what will.

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20. Um, wow, it's definitely safe to say these people are done with taking everybody's else's crap.

Reddit | NYNews

I'm not sure how smart it is to post signs admitting to future criminal acts, though.

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21. I guess you can only see so many people park badly before you turn into some intense parking avenger.

Reddit | austinbuckit

At least, that's the only way I can see someone getting mad enough about it that they actually have these cards made.

It's like this is meant to be read through gritted teeth.

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22. We may not have caught the moment this person officially had enough, so instead, this is the aftermath.

Reddit | ProBlorger

Don't worry, they're unharmed. They just suddenly quit their job and peaced out, so the uploader left them a little shrine to let everyone else know what happened to them.


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23. This shelf has had more than it can take, and so has its owner.

Reddit | Layth36

Apparently, it's only a few years old, but it's already having trouble holding up these binders.

It turns out that not every piece of junk has the decency to immediately reveal how much it sucks.

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24. One woman shares a work bathroom with about 20 men, and this note seems to sum up the challenges of that arrangement.

Reddit | Geeder2

From the sounds of it, her co-workers seem to be almost literally engaging in peeing contests.

Unfortunately, sometimes it isn't just the ones who play stupid games that end up with the stupid prizes.

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25. When all you can write on a sign is "man sale," that's a pretty good sign that a relationship didn't work out.

Reddit | flyfreq

Not only that, but at least one member of it was apparently so exhausting that the other just wants to get rid of their stuff without spending any more energy trying to explain them.

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26. Um, I think you can stop now, guys. He seems to be getting full.

Reddit | Kamikaze013

I've made myself pretty uncomfortable at buffets some times, but I'm not sure I've ever stuffed myself so much that I was near tears.

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27. I can picture a lot of parents looking at this and nodding sagely.

Reddit | BlasphemyXDDD

It's also pretty easy to tell how long they've been at it depending on whether they start laughing or crying once they look at this long enough.

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28. If you're wondering why this woman is looking at us like this, the answer is that she seriously can't help it.

Reddit | Master1718

Apparently, it's not a good idea to wear false eyelashes when you go on a boat ride. I can't say I ever knew that, but that's one fact I won't be able to get out of my head now.

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29. Believe it or not, there are even fewer reasons to be happy with this situation than it seems.

Reddit | Cignus777

After all, the problem isn't that Amazon delivered a smashed package, but rather that their driver decided the best place for a box of light bulbs was behind the garage door.

One oblivious touch of a button later and...oops.

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30. Apparently, the Kleenex didn't send a clear enough message, so they had to put up this sign.


It turns out that someone's been smearing their snot all over the walls and the maintenance staff was understandably grossed out about it.

Come on, man.

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31. Roombas can be little agents of destruction in the wrong setting, and this Lego room definitely qualifies.

Reddit | Ryan5374

Unfortunately, the person who posted this didn't get much sympathy because the most common response was, "Why do you have a Lego room?"

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32. Having been in this situation, I'd wager this guy is more frustrated than he may appear.

Reddit | digital_spunk

There's nothing like traveling to a remote mountain for an incredible view only to be greeted by a wall of gray mist.

If this isn't an ironic joke, he's probably trying his best to make out anything distinguishable.

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33. I'm not exactly sure what happened here, but it's definitely clear that this kid isn't happy about it.

Reddit | raccooneater47

I'm just hoping this is strawberry ice cream because otherwise, I'm even more confused about what's going on.

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34. Hopefully, putting all these customer questions down on one sign helped get the twitch out of this person's eye.

Reddit | _KennyPowers_

That said, those who have worked in retail how often people really read the signs.

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35. This man got so tired of his wait at the DMV that he ordered a pizza.

Reddit | hibarihime

And the fact that he still had enough time for it to arrive after that should tell us all we need to know about how long this is taking.

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36. The staff at this college got tired of telling vendors about these broken machines, so they just found different ways to say it.

Reddit | Dyran3

Maybe in time, they'll finally land on the language spoken by someone who gives a damn.

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37. Take A Break From Your Husband

Reddit | SyedMohsein

I'm assuming this is an advert for a bar, but, it doesn't tell you what bar it is?

Do they just want you to buy your husband a six pack and leave him on the street corner by that sign? That is one hell of a great business model actually!

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38. I'll Have A Fking Monster Mom!

Reddit | TheRealOneTwo

These sorts of things normally work along the cutesy lines of, "Unattended kids will be given a coffee and a puppy," but this is clearly the version written by someone who just straight-up hates kids.

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39. "Shredder has had enough"

Reddit | captdankenstein

My aunt once bought a shredder, and to check it worked she shredded the receipt. It broke.

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40. "The best way to never lose luggage"

Reddit | jew3lr0se

I've got a lot of respect for any man who can so brazenly rock the socks and sandals look! You do you, man! You do you!

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