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13+ Funny Pics To Keep Your Spirits Up While You’re At Your Ex’s Wedding

Paddy Clarke 15 Oct 2019

So it has happened: your ex is getting married, and you got the invite. You can't not go as you want to be the bigger person, but you also don't want to go because, well, it's weird and uncomfortable.

However, never fear, as I'm here to get you through this with 13+ funny pics to keep your spirits up while you're at your ex's wedding — and don't worry, I'm going to remain completely stable throughout this emotional day!

1. "Mood"

Reddit | fjordfi2

It mightn't say fancy dress on the invite, but I'm sure they won't mind! This can really spice up the wedding album!

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2. "Reminds me of my ex: cute but two-faced"

Reddit | shadowwraiths

Use this picture to keep up your resolve throughout the wedding, remember the terrible times the pair of you shared as you stare deep into that cats hollow, sinister, evil eyes!

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3. Evening Wear

Reddit | SuperCub

If you do decide to go for something in the fancy dress vein — but want to keep it a little classier — consider dressing as this very sexy potato! You might not get yourself a date out of it, but at the very least you'll ruin the wedding photos!

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4. Checks Receipt For Gift

Reddit | Neemo53

Wow, yeah, whoever stuck this one there is going through some things. Maybe you should avoid these kind of jokes in the evening I do!

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5. Honesty Is The Company Policy

Reddit | depasonico

I wish I'd have got this tattooed across my forehead when I was working at a nearby coffee shop, if not just for the one time someone told me, "You know if you stayed open a little later, we could come in later in the day."

(Yes, someone genuinely said this to me once, as though I didn't understand how time works)

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6. Just Like The Real Thing!

Reddit | EthanYouIdiot

Ah, much like that time your ex told you that you'd be together forever, it was a cheap parody of the real thing! But, hey, at least this one has pizza! Laughs uncomfortably.

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7. When They Tell You "You'll Find Someone Too Soon!"

Reddit | Mr2pudding

You don't need their pity! You are a wonderful person who has a lot to offer, even if your crops have run dry this year — but that can happen to any good farmer every now and again! (I have literally no knowledge of farming so have no idea if this is true)

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8. "Just finished making rice crispy treats to share at work!"

Reddit | buterbetterbater

Or you could just tell people that they are joke rice crispy cakes, but really just take in uncooked meat and see if anyone gets drunk enough to eat one. That would really get the party started!

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9. Bumkin

Reddit | WhatsRightWhatsLeft

I know the temptation will be to emulate this pose through the windows of the church when, "You may now kiss the bride," is said — but let me tell you from experience, it is a bad move. Especially if you're at the wrong church.

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10. "Is there a tutorial for this?"

Reddit | sharklepower

In fact, on second thoughts, I don't want to see the tutorial! I think I'll just take my chances!

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11. It's Getting Hot In Here

Reddit | FatRooster23

You're looking so grate today! I bet it's really breaking your ex's hearth deep down inside!

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12. I Like Plaques

Reddit | foonsirhc

What happens when he actually dies, will someone come along and change it? I hope not, I like the idea of Stephen who likes plaques becoming an immortal myth — much like the notion of you and your ex getting back together.

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13. "I found the temperature controls for my ex's heart"

Reddit | MageeDisease

Well, if they're not the controls for your ex's heart then they are definitely the standard-issue thermostat controls for every Ryan Air plane in existence.

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14. "This receipt my dad found"


Just remember, unlike your forever bleeding heart and destroyed trust issues, somethings can be returned for a full refund! How wonderful!

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15. Oh, Yeah, I'm Doing Fine Since We Split

Reddit | Mc_Alzi

No matter how much you struggle through questions at your ex's wedding, remind yourself that you can never look as unprepared as this deer does to talk about the economy.

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16. "My ex dumped me, so I quite rationally stole a giant watermelon from him. I then did what any sane, well-adjusted person would"

Reddit | walklikeadinosaur

Yeah, I bet your thinking that this would have made a great gift for your ex on their wedding day. Unless you already had this idea and it's sat with the rest of the gifts now ready to terrify the bejesus out of them, in which case you're insane!

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17. Pre-Haggled

Reddit | mdavis360

I once saw a man trying to haggle over the price of a stroller in Mothercare of all places! The attendant just looked, completely baffled — much like your good self when you're wondering how on Earth your ex got this many people to their wedding.

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18. "Believe in love"

Reddit | Aloe-Buto

Just remember as your ex shimmies down that aisle that you can even find love sat on the grey concrete floor in front of a hideously aesthetic Calvin Klein advert if you try hard enough!

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19. "At 16 I have become the first person in human history to perform in Carnegie Hall with Lightning McQueen socks"

Reddit | charles_the_scone

I mean, as long as you're breaking a record, I don't think it matters what kind of record it is.

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20. "Calling Cards My Grandpa Kept In His Wallet As A Young Man"

Reddit | Anonplox

Your man would never. Smooth Gramps. Smooth.

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21. One Of Us

Reddit | oh_yeah69nice

He doesn't even go here!

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22. "My baby brother in church yesterday"

Reddit | TheAdmiralMoses

Would it be too lame for me to make a Facebook joke here? No? Perfect.

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23. The Whole Truth And Nothing But

Reddit | alldaymaryj

Honesty is the best policy folks.

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Reddit | dmorissette

Now this is the kind of go-getter of a man that I need in my life. He knows what he wants. It just so happens that what he wants is...sand.

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25. "He has a point"

Reddit | OneZoroBoi

He crossed the street for us Brad. That's why he crossed it.

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26. Only Real Yogis Know These Poses

Reddit | WesleySnape

Tag yourself, I'm "The Hand Giraffe".

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27. Who Hurt You Debbie?

Reddit | Shakuni_

I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

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28. Got Skin?

Reddit | Apollo1351

This is a really nice way to say "murder".

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29. "You really want to stay out of trouble in this town"

Reddit | popedotninja

Remember, it is not a good idea to sleep with anyone at your ex's wedding. I repeat, as I feel a lot of people will not heed this, it is not a good idea!

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30. "Seen in Copenhagen"

Reddit | gaseousshroud

Heck, if there's anything you're gonna need during that drinks reception when your ex is giving you that faux-comforting chat, it's alcohol. No one ever got over their ex by having a salad.

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