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Wake Up And Smell The Flowers On Christmas Morning With Sunflower Christmas Trees

Over the years, people have really been shaking up Christmas tradition, particularly in the realm of the quintessential living room staple, evergreen or fir trees.

For example, families have been decorating unicorn trees, and companies are creating colorful rainbow trees to make Christmas a little more colorful.

Now, families are giving their green trees a sunny upgrade by decking them out in sunflowers.

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Honestly, these might be our favorite rendition of the classic evergreen Christmas tree.

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When we think of sunflowers, we often think of summer or fall.

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That's most likely because they bloom during mid-summer and early fall!

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No matter the time of year, sunflowers represent happiness and joy.

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And Christmas is the most joyful time of year! So, really, a sunflower Christmas tree is perfect.

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While many families prefer some simple bauble ornaments to adorn their trees, others have gotten a little more creative sticking sunflowers into their trees.

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While it's not really "traditional," it sure looks beautiful!

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As someone who absolutely loves anything floral, this is a tree I could see myself proudly decorating and displaying during the holidays.

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This individual is still keeping the spirit of the holidays alive by adding some gold-toned baubles, tinsel, and ribbon that go perfectly with the yellow sunflowers.

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This tree looks like a mixture between a unicorn Christmas tree and a sunflower one.

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We could use ALL the color during Christmas, to be honest!

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You can't help but feel so happy looking at a Christmas tree adorned with sunflowers!

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This is the perfect way to easily tackle seasonal affect disorder during the darker and colder months.

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