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14+ People Who Are Definitely Having A Midlife Crisis

Paddy Clarke 18 Oct 2019

There really is nothing quite like seeing someone going through a midlife crisis. Odds are all of us with experience a form of midlife crisis at some point; however, people love nothing more than to look at others going through such an event and thinking, "Christ, that'll never be me that's for sure!"

With that in mind, here are a collection of people who are undoubtedly experiencing a midlife crisis for your viewing pleasure — please wait until the end before you un-ironically go and sign up for motorcycle lessons.

1. Sick Ride

Reddit | dumbasses_r_us

And you thought the smart car couldn't get any worse? Well, think again as you feat your eyes on this vehicular monstrosity!

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2. "Thomas Thwaites, the man who spent 3 days living as a goat"

Reddit | LeBlookyBloop

I'm going to let Thwaites himself explain the purpose of this in his own words, as they are too good not to:

"I tried to become a goat to escape the angst inherent in being a human. The project became an exploration of how close modern technology can take us to fulfilling an ancient human dream: to take on characteristics from other animals. But instead of the ferocity of a bear or the perspective of a bird, the characteristic most useful in modern life is something else; being present in the moment perhaps.

"Anyway, I ended up in the Alps, on four legs, at a goat farm, with a prosthetic rumen strapped to my chest, eating grass, and becoming a goat."

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3. Maroon Approaching 45

Reddit | dyson0715

I mean at least it's not as bad as his music! (And yes, that little dig did make me feel better about my questionable life choices and terrible singing voice so shut up!)

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4. "E is for Existential Crisis"

Reddit | czarcaztic

When you get to a certain age, a diet of cookies simply can't sustain you if you want to live past 45 at best. This can often leave you questioning what you've done with your life, and if there's anything more worthwhile to be done in life? Sesame Street theme on cello plays

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5. "I'm getting too old for this crap"

Reddit | Misteryoderguy

While he may be a little past the midlife crisis, he is still radiating the exact same energy. Sudden realization, a hint of regret, and the desire to walk off into the sunset all rolled into one.

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6. Went To A James Bond-Themed Party And Saw This

Reddit | ViceCrockett

This guy deserves all of the costume awards ever! I'd love to see one 18-year-old ask him what the costume is, just to see him scream, pick them up, and throw them out of a nearby window.

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7. Lifestyle Changes

Reddit | The_PhilosopherKing

When you hit middle age strange things can happen to your body and mind. Such as, turning into a giant, spooky, yet surprisingly flexible potato!

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8. "My dog looks like he's contemplating a midlife crisis."

Reddit | apasta_sea

What would a dog do during their midlife crisis? Maybe dig up some old bones they've had buried for a rainy day, and start messing up the furniture to show they don't care about the establishment.

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9. Hairnet

Reddit | Pablo460

Is it really necessary? I mean, his manager probably made him wear it in fairness, but can you imagine telling a guy with no hair he has to wear that, it'd be a miracle if you didn't get punched.

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10. Hot Wheels

Reddit | La_Quisha

Who in their right mind could do that to a Lotus? I mean really, who? I need to know so I can suspend your license, don't know how I'd do it but I'd find a way.

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11. Pumpkin Boat

Reddit | taytaymlove

How sick was this man of people saying, "Why don't you do something with your life?" before he finally snapped and screamed back, "Fine, I guess I'll sail around in a giant pumpkin!"

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12. "Midlife crisis > your kids future"

Reddit | yelpisforsnitches

You can literally feel the cheap knockoff Oakley sunglasses growing out of the skin on your face just looking at these adverts. I feel like I'm turning into Guy Fieri just reading this. (Can't wait for all the comments in defense of Guy Fieri I'm gonna get now)

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13. "Man Spends Over $30,000 on Cosmetic Procedures to Become the Ultimate Michael Jackson Impersonator"

Reddit | SirERexYun

Well, you did it. I don't know why, but you did it. I hope that you are happy with your life choices, 'cause Christ knows I'd have some doubts.

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14. Mower-Cycle

Reddit | batshack

Okay, this is the last vehicle-related one I promise! I mean, how could I not put that in! Just look at that beast! You can almost smell cheap tattoos and lost youth just by looking at it.

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15. "My mates Dad is officially having a mid life crisis! He ordered this from Thailand."

Reddit | kit_son

I can't tell if this is indicative of a midlife crisis or just astronomically bad taste. Take your pick I guess.

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16. "In some way I feel cheated. But at the same time they don't lie."

Reddit | frystejp

You know that when you're reasoning with the logic behind a frozen pizza you're in trouble!

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17. No Babies

Reddit | masithegod

Okay, I'm gonna throw it out there, I hate these rear window sticker things. They do my head in unconditionally, I don't know why but they just do! There, I said it, now hopefully we can move past it.

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Reddit | VerbalDefecation

I was thinking of asking if he could chop my crippling insecurities in half; however, then I went to his website as specified on the flyer, and apparently he does chop personal issues for people also!

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19. "Too old to rock & roll, too young to die"

Reddit | kaigem

These days even I feel like I'm too old for Snapchat. I never got it when it first came out and at this point, I'm that sick of seeing face filter videos that I think it's passed me by.

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20. "I don’t know what this man did, but I’m here for it."

Reddit | Jersey_Gal47c

This guy has either messed up royally, or he's just the nicest guy on the planet. Alternatively, he could be about to treat himself the most relaxing evening ever!

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