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20 Crazy Pics That Need An Explanation, Like Now

Reasonable, predictable expectations are necessary for daily life. If you couldn't expect other drivers to generally stay within their lanes when they needed to, you'd never get in your car. And if you didn't actually know whether a ketchup dispenser would squirt out sauce or poison, even Costco's famous hot dog deal would be a bust.

But that doesn't mean life isn't just chock full of the unexpected, and it often shows up with little explanation behind it.

Not to have a cow over this, but...

Reddit | 0zymandias21

As the uploader of this pic noted, the way light shines through this glass leaves a distinct image of Bart Simpson's head on the table. You have to admit, the resemblance is remarkable.

"What I presume to be a Stargate in the middle of a random field."

Reddit | scuffedpride

Yep, according to my recollection of an incredibly loud movie from the mid-'90s, that's a stargate. I guess someone is a big enough fan of the franchise to have made their own replica.

I mean, I assume it's a replica. And now I want to run through it just to make sure.

It almost could be Mars, though.

Reddit | Astrofluke

Of course, there is a good explanation for the red skies here. Wildfire smoke across the West Coast filtered out the short blue and green wavelengths of light, while the longer red and yellow wavelengths made it through.

The fact that it lines up with this Mars street sign makes it all a little more spooky, though.

Pretty sure it's not supposed to work like that.

Reddit | dm3588

Thread is supposed to break before a needle does, right? I guess there must have been some sort of manufacturing defect with this one because the needle snapped instead of the thread.

Quite the hand.

Reddit | Escuche

This is like one of those trick deck of cards used by magicians, except that the box seems to suggest that it's supposed to be a standard deck.

Admit it, you'd be tempted to pull this one out for poker night just once to see what sort of reactions you get, wouldn't you?

The things you learn the hard way.

Reddit | thiswillsoonendbadly

Sure, it's not wrong to want to keep your ride safe but things kind of backfired for this car owner on a particularly hot day.

The heat caused their anti-theft device to expand enough that it cracked their windshield. So much for safety!

Well, I bet it has a good view.

Reddit | heyheyhedgehog

But I suspect this house situated atop a bridge isn't easily accessible and probably gets some serious shakes and shudders from the wind. Most likely it's job-related — for a weir perhaps — but it still can't be pleasant.

They can do that?

Reddit | sivvus

Judging by this remnant, when lizards shed their skin, they shed all the way from their spikes. And what mighty ridges this lizard has! I definitely wouldn't have expected spikes to shed.

Not as tasty as it looks.

Reddit | nipplestace

No, really, you wouldn't want to bite into this no matter how much it resembles delicious fried pork belly.

It's just a crystal that somehow formed to look like a special, meaty treat. Kind of a tease, I know.

Didn't even know that could happen.

Reddit | ipretendtobeacarrot

"A second nail has grown out of my finger ever since it got trapped in a car door when I was 8," the uploader of this pic explained. Trauma can do some weird things, apparently.

Guess we know which direction the couch is going.

Reddit | crumble-bee

You wouldn't think that this incredibly narrow building could realistically host much of anything, but it's apparently in use. That's real estate in London for you.

You can't afford much of anything, including being picky.

What a go-getter.

Reddit | soundchameleon

While the rest of the tree is keeping a fairly uniform shape, one little branch has decided it's going to give it all it's got and reach for the sky. Who knew branches did that?

Wait, what's that third one?

Reddit | yeronyms

So in Czechia, where this pic was taken, you can get a fill up of regular, diesel, or rum?

Looks pricey, which is good because I'm not sure that it's a terribly safe choice for a pit stop.

Uh, is this an omen?

Reddit | Uppjarle

There is a good explanation for this red peak and it has nothing to do with wildfire smoke, which is nice. Instead,

this is the phenomenon of alpenglow, in which the last light of the day catches a mountain peak at just the right angle and lights it up with that rich sunset color.

"I don't have fingerprints."

Reddit | Jgmanfour

I always thought people were supposed to have fingerprints, like, all the time. We do get an explanation for this person's condition, however.

Apparently, they lost their fingerprints to eczema, which is not a thing that I would have thought could happen.

Why are there geese in the grocery store?

Reddit | Braydon-J-Durham

Mind you, have you ever tried to tell a Canada goose where to go? They're not, shall we say, receptive to instructions.

They much prefer an attack-first strategy, so hey, if they want to stroll the cool grocery fridges, they're going to.

Look how small this snail is!

Reddit | Chiefhoui

You know, I get it, snails come from tiny little eggs so there are inevitably going to be absolutely wee snails out there.

But they're so small that you really never see them so this is as cool as it is unexpected.

How does this even happen?

Reddit | Proenneke_NL

It's a tragedy when even a single cookie in a batch goes splat but really, how often do you see a single cookie out of a whole batch ruined like this?

"One of my chocolate chip cookies contained way more butter than the rest," the uploader figures, so I guess it was a mixing problem.

That's one way to do it.

Reddit | Kellyhascats

This person had their morning coffee delivered to them and it came in a surprising fashion: a jar.

Makes sense for delivery, as that lid would keep the precious coffee from spilling during transit and the napkin wrapped around it helps keep it warm. Interesting!

This feels...awkward.

Reddit | g0rrestfump

Who dedicates a shrine to one half of Franklin & Bash, specifically the non-Mark-Paul Gosselar half? No idea.

But the uploader noted that it's been there as long as they have, and they're one of the longest-tenured employees...and they sometimes still light candles there.