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13+ People Who Probably Should’ve Just Stayed In Bed

Paddy Clarke 14 Oct 2019

The world is rife with suffering, and you only need to turn on the news to be reminded of this fact. However, real-world suffering is nothing compared to the suffering that the people on this list endure.

So, slip into your iron-clad, pink tartan, irony-laden Spanx and prepare to journey into the land of the hard done by and first world strugglers, as I present to you 13+ people who deserve an award for their 'suffering'. (Get your tiny violins out now!)

1. Get The Bolt Cutters!

Reddit | rithkott

Is this the emo equivalent of padlocking your name onto a bridge with your significant other? If it isn't, it absolutely should be!

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2. Why Lie To Yourself?

Reddit | ZeZioZ

Once you pop the top off a tub of ice cream, any notions of self-control go straight out of the window. I mean, I don't know how they get the heroin in Ben and Jerry's, but it's sure as hell in there.

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3. "This idiot got himself stuck today."

Reddit | ausfez

This is how I feel when I need to squeeze past someone at a bar but they refuse to move no matter how many times I say, "Excuse me."

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4. Screams In Saucepan

Reddit | dajarman

If anyone looks at this and doesn't feel their anxiety flaring up, then I'll finally conquer my fear of skydiving.

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5. Plumbing Made Easy

Reddit | Dreyyy

The person who posted this explained, "I took 2 trips to Home Depot, worked with a hernia, had a pain in the ass time putting the wax ring and screws on...only to install the toilet and forgetting about the door. I'm an idiot."

Whether you had a hernia or not, call a plumber mate!

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6. Let Me Grab The World's Smallest Violin

Reddit | jessejamess

At first, I thought this was ironic, but my experiences with every Mercedes driver I've met would suggest that it is definitely not!

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7. "Still the most aggravating first world problem for me."

Reddit | arid_tare

Wow, I've never sympathized with someone's pain so much as I do with this person. You keep struggling friend, it'll all be okay soon.

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8. Skin Colored Socks

Reddit | downriverrowing

Mate, you really need to start taking your socks off when you go to the beach! Is this the first time your feet have ever felt the air?

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9. "The joys of working in an ER"

Reddit | sometimes-i-say-stuf

This was actually the medical report for Billie Joe Armstrong on October 1st.

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10. "This was the moment I told my daughter the whale was going to close it's mouth."

Reddit | conrod05

As cruel as this is, it isn't as cruel as putting your kid in Crocs! This kid is going to be justifiably furious when she gets older.

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11. The Epitome Of First World Problems: The Nebuchadnezzar Conundrum

Reddit | craigstone_

You know you've got too much money when you can't fit your Moet in the recycling. Christ, I wish this was a problem I had to deal with.

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12. When You Can't Stand Up For The Concert

Reddit | dutchy4233

Why not just stay at home, crack a beer, and watch the concert online? He's also drinking Coors, and if people can't see anything wrong with that then may God have mercy on your soul.

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13. My Heart Will Go On Starts Playing

Reddit | Hardaek

I love how the little chocolatey face on the cookie itself looks so sad. Someone get that cookie a wider glass! Or just rip his adorable little sad face in half, either is good.

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14. Pre-Haggled

Reddit | mdavis360

I love a good haggle, I'm terrible at it like, but I still love it! Even if the owner only takes 50p off the final price — more often than not just to get me to leave — I feel like Gordon Gecko.

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15. "Modern problems require modern solutions."

Reddit | Cobax5

So, did she bring that with her for this purpose or did she steal it from somewhere? Also, what happens when she wants to move around? These burning questions and more will not be answered by this stressful picture.

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16. "Photos I take of my boyfriend vs photos he takes of me"

Reddit | s-poon

No guy really wants to take a nice photo of his girlfriend when he can take one which makes her look as goofy as possible, that's just a straight-up fact. This is some artistic genius at work here.

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17. "My dad was asleep for a little bit!"

Reddit | BrookeyDraws

That guy must have been dead to the world for you to get this many on him! We used to play this by balancing cushions on people who got too drunk at parties, it could get quite competitive!

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18. "How to develop a gambling problem."

Reddit | Cuddlem0nster

Okay, this guy genuinely does deserve an award for being perhaps the most unlucky person of all time. It had to happen to someone I guess!

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19. "The moment my two kids realised all the donuts at the party had been eaten while they were off playing on the swings"

Reddit | sahie

This could be quite easily replaced by, "The moment I realize the instant coffee has run out in work and it hasn't been replaced."

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20. "Captured the exact moment that I realized I should have stayed home"

Reddit | Shaggyjd93

This is everyone's face when they lie about liking "hiking and long walks" on Tinder and then actually have to go and do it.

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